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Create an online persona, brand or business. Then build it a home, online.


Is your website a lead magnet, or a glorified business card?

Your website can be the single most valuable asset your business has.


A good website can be your best spokesperson, sales manager and cashier. With compelling, constantly updated content, your website can be your audience’s go-to resource for information.


Your website can be in someone’s bookmark list, or even (dare we say it)… their home page.


Or it could be languishing on page 986 of Google’s search rankings, being less useful than a door stopper. (Which, admittedly… can be pretty useful.)


Have you looked at your website’s analytics?




Analytics. It’s a bunch of numbers and charts that shows you how many people have visited your website each day. If you haven’t done so recently, have a look. It’s powerful stuff, and very important for gauging the success of your website.


If you don’t know how to do this, just drop me a note and I’ll help you out.


“Why do I need you to write my website content? Can’t any writer do it?”


Creating content for a full website is quite different from writing articles or other one-off pieces.


First, you need planning. This is where the site map is important. If you know what a site map is and already have one to provide me, excellent! If not, we can have a detailed chat about your website and I’ll create one for you.


Your site map is the skeleton that determines how every other part of your website fits together. This is where the user experience, navigation and all those other cool website-y things come in. It’s really important, that’s why it’s step one.


Next, you’ll need content that flows. Here’s the tricky bit – web visitors aren’t necessarily landing on your home page, then moving from the first page to the last. They may land on a sales page, a blog article or just about anywhere else.


From here, you’ll want them to feel right at home (and not like a stranger who’s suddenly woken up at the Russian Airport after having somehow hopped onto the wrong connecting flight), then seamlessly navigate their way from one page to the next, enjoying a smooth flow of content all the way through – before eventually arriving at your purchase or contact us page.


The ability to create (and maintain) a story and tone of voice that flows from page to page through an entire website, is a skill that requires writing ability, marketing knowledge and a deep understanding of online (web browsing) behaviour and psychology.


And if this sounds like something you would like help with, I’m happy to take the load of your shoulders.


I write for dozens of websites every year, mostly from scratch – and I’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have about this crazy (as in, crazy important) world of website copywriting.

Hi, I'm Kevin! 


I work with small businesses, creative agencies and (sometimes) huge corporations to provide copywriting that’s perfect for your needs. 

I’ve also got a blog that’s full of tasty copywriting and SEO tips that copywriters and business owners can put into action.

Contact me

"I've engaged Kevin for copywriting of my website and print advertisements on several occasions already. I have always have a pleasant time working with him and love the way he writes. Whenever anyone needs a copywriter, I always mention his name."

Audris Ho | Performing Artiste & Piano Teacher


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