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For small businesses and entrepreneurs


Quality blog articles, on a budget of $50

Are you a small business owner or entrepreneur who's struggling to write your own content? 

During this economic downturn, quality content is more important than ever. Blog articles can attract traffic to your website, improve your SEO ranking, and keep your profits coming in.

But costs are also important. That's why I've curated a small team of up-and-coming writers who can provide you with quality blog articles at affordable prices.

Affordable Blog Copywriting Package @ $50 per article

  • Blog article x 1

  • Up to 500 words

  • Up to 2 rounds of edits per article

  • Timeline: 

    • The first draft of your article will be emailed to you within 5 working days after confirmation (and we have received all relevant information from you)

    • Any requests for changes will be delivered within 3 working days

Fee: $50 per blog article


  • The blog articles in this promotional package are written by my team of curated writers, and vetted by a member of our copy vetting team for grammar and sentence structure. 

  • As this is a standard, low-cost package for small businesses, the terms listed above are fixed and non-negotiable.

  • This package is ideal for listicles and other types of articles that are easily researched online. Highly-customised articles are not included in this package.

  • To request for highly-customised blog articles that I will personally plan and create for you, please contact me.

To submit your request, please send me an email with the subject title "Affordable Blog Copywriting Package".

Hi, I'm Kevin! 


I work with small businesses, creative agencies and (sometimes) huge corporations to provide copywriting that’s perfect for your needs. 

I’ve also got a blog that’s full of tasty copywriting and SEO tips that copywriters and business owners can put into action.

"Our blog readers really love our upbeat, informative blog articles and we've got Kevin to thank for that. He's our go-to copywriter and even helps with our monthly newsletter, tinkering in MailChimp and getting everything ready for us by the time we need to hit ‘send’. Kevin's fun, great to work with and delivers quality work, each and every week."

Anne-Sophie Moquet | Sales & Marketing Director, PowerVote


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