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Writing compelling content that sells, sells, sells!


Are you stuck writing copy?

Writing is supposed to be "easy", isn't it?

After all, didn’t we learn to write long before we studied more complicated stuff? Like math, science, history and dare I say it… ALGEBRA? *GASP*


Yet, it isn’t. At least, writing compelling content isn’t.


Copy that engages readers, compells them to read more and clck on that “buy” or “contact us” button – is quite a bit more challenging than simply putting pen to paper, or jabbing away at the keyboard. (After all, our school teachers were paid to read our homework. Potential customers are not.)


This is where I come in. Your friendly, down-the-street (or across the globe) copywriter.

I’ve studied the art of marketing, the science of psychology, read loads of copywriting books, taken a ton of courses and practised (and proven) my ability to write compelling content that converts with hundreds of clients and thousands of assignments over many years – so you won’t have to.


Yes, you can purchase all that expertise and use it to make your marketing materials ROCK, for a reasonable fee by clicking the button below.

I work with businesses large and small on a variety of marketing materials, including:

  • Websites

  • Blog posts

  • Articles (print and online)

  • Print advertisements

  • Online advertising campaigns

  • Emails

  • Electronic direct mailers (eDM)

  • Newsletters

  • Brochures

  • Flyers

  • Sales kits

  • Event collateral


If you’re looking to make a splash online, I’ll also make sure your copy is 100% SEO-friendly – so you can get a nice nudge up Google’s rankings. (Good SEO copywriting means more eyeballs and likely customers!)

Hi, I'm Kevin! 


I work with small businesses, creative agencies and (sometimes) huge corporations to provide copywriting that’s perfect for your needs. 

I’ve also got a blog that’s full of tasty copywriting and SEO tips that copywriters and business owners can put into action.

"Over the past few years, I have worked with Kevin on various projects. He’s decisive, helpful and resourceful with finding solutions to any issues that may come up as projects move along. I especially appreciate how he takes the time in the final stages of projects to proof both copy and design work, making sure everything is in good shape and error-free. He’s responsive, clever, reliable and easy to work with. What more could you ask for? Highly recommended!"

Nazri Mokhtar | Founder, Collect Toys


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