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Send captivating emails that get clicked, read, and acted on.


Are your electronic direct mailers (eDMs) bringing you results?

(That means increasing readership, website visits, sales and more.)

In today's digital-first world, eDMs and emails are perhaps the best way to connect with prospects, get them excited about your products and services, and compel them to take action – whether that's visiting your website, attending a webinar, calling or messaging you, or clicking on a "Buy now" button.

I've (probably) written over a thousand eDMs over the past decade for small businesses, MNCs, and creative agencies – and continue receiving new requests every week, because clients love the results and responses they're getting from their emails. 

Why do businesses like working with me on their eDMs?

  • Fast turnaround: I usually deliver eDM write-ups within 1 to 3 days. (Some of my clients with extra tight deadlines, even get "same day" delivery!)

  • Reliability: Throughout my career as a freelance copywriter, I've delivered every eDM on time, and according to the brief's requirements.

  • Agency experience: I've worked full-time at a creative agency, and have serviced dozens of marketing agencies over the past 10+ years – so I fully understand how agencies work, and the standards expected.

  • Ability to understand briefs: I've received all sorts of briefs from clients of all levels – from MDs and CEOs to product/service managers, marketing assistants and project executives – and have developed a knack for understanding briefs efficiently and thoroughly.

  • Fun, positive working relationship: I genuinely love working with every one of my clients, and they really enjoy working with me too! (At least, that's what they tell me. :D )


Feel free to email or WhatsApp me with any eDM copywriting requests you have. I'm looking forward to connecting with you! 

Hi, I'm Kevin! 


I work with small businesses, creative agencies and (sometimes) huge corporations to provide copywriting that’s perfect for your needs. 

I’ve also got a blog that’s full of tasty copywriting and SEO tips that copywriters and business owners can put into action.

"Thanks to Kevin and his web design team, I've got a spanking new and fancy website! The team was prompt and professional in acceding to my requests and providing their advice where needed. We were constantly kept in the loop on the progress and status of our project. It was a breeze working with Kevin. At every point, I knew our project was well taken care of. Would definitely recommend him to every business owner I know!"

Emily Yeo | Co-Founder, Wunderbar LLP

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