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The Dangers of Hiring the Wrong Copywriter

Your brand and reputation are on the line, choose wisely.

Have you paid a "professional freelance copywriter" for work, only to find that they didn't deliver? 

The truth is, you need more qualifications to work at a fast food restaurant, than you do to call yourself a freelance copywriter. 


And that’s dangerous.


Because a copywriter can MAKE, or BREAK, your business. 


How? Here’s the damage an amateur copywriter can do to your brand:

  • Insult your customers (by accident, or otherwise)

  • Permanently damage your brand’s reputation

  • Deliver low quality work that you’ll have to pay someone else to redo, costing you money and delaying crucial launches

  • Ignore the importance of NDAs and reveal confidential information

  • Provide copy (text) that reads decently on paper, but doesn’t work with the design and layout of your marketing collateral – requiring extensive rewrites by yourself, or another copywriter

  • Miss deadlines

  • Lose confidence or interest in completing your project, and “disappear” mid-project

  • For creative agencies: Misrepresent your agency by being ill-prepared for client meetings, or by lacking the confidence to ask the right questions

Hiring the wrong copywriter can cost you a lot more than money, it can cost you your business – and the goodwill you’ve worked so hard to build with your customers. 


I’ve been a professional copywriter for over 10 years, and have been running a successful copywriting business for 6 years. 

With these credentials, you can be assured that I’ll be around to see your project successfully through to completion – and I’ll be here for your future projects too, so you’ll always have a trusted copywriter to count on for all your marketing needs. 


Here’s what you’ll get with me:

  • A professional copywriter with over 10 years of (agency and freelance) experience

  • A business owner who’s been running a successful copywriting business for over 6 years

  • An SEO-trained copywriter with websites, blogs, and articles ranked in page 1 of Google’s search results

  • An award-winning blog copywriter (Category: Event Planning Blogs)

  • Persuasive copywriting techniques, based in psychological science and buyer behaviour

  • An experienced, confident copywriter who can represent your agency in client meetings

  • A copywriter with a global presence, with clients in Singapore, the UK, and the US

Contact me for an obligation-free chat over email, a phone call, or a face-to-face meeting. Let me help you accelerate the results of your marketing efforts today!

Hi, I'm Kevin! 


I work with small businesses, creative agencies and (sometimes) huge corporations to provide copywriting that’s perfect for your needs. 

I’ve also got a blog that’s full of tasty copywriting and SEO tips that copywriters and business owners can put into action.

"It’s been a delight working with you. You've provided us with professional, personal and friendly service from concept through design to implementation and follow-up. You and your team are knowledgeable, efficient and eager to discuss new ideas. We’re impressed with your can-do attitude, competence and technical skills. You've worked hard to fulfil our requests even though we made constant changes. We look forward to working with you again in our future projects."

Dawn Wu | Co-Founder, Vivo Musica!

Contact me


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