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Singapore Copywriter Blog: What’s on your Christmas list?

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Today’s post is going to be a short one. Just wanted to share my thoughts on a Christmas present that I’ve committed to getting myself this Christmas. Perhaps this is one present you may also wish to treat yourself with before December 25th rolls around?

It’s that time of year again!

Where Orchard Road lights up, the MRTs get a little less crowded in the mornings, and we finally have some space to think about how we’d like to pamper ourselves this Christmas.

My Christmas wish list is really thin, but only because I’ve already purchased all the toys I wanted in the months leading up to the holidays.

Let’s see…

  1. Oculus Rift – Check

  2. MacBook Pro with Touch Bar – Check

  3. Playstation Pro – Out of stock *Frown*

All kidding aside, there is one item that I’ll definitely be purchasing for myself for Christmas.

(More) Coaching.

As a business owner and professional freelance copywriter, I find a coach to be an invaluable part of my life and business. And if you’re a fellow entrepreneur (or if you’re just someone who wants to kick butt in 2017), I’d highly recommend investing some of your hard-earned money on a coach this Christmas – to accelerate your personal and business growth in the coming year.

Here’s what coaching has helped me accomplish so far:

  • Develop key habits in my life, including waking up before 6am (almost) every weekday morning

  • Multiply my productivity

  • Become a better copywriter

  • Increase my income by over 25%

  • (Possibly) save me from killing myself

Where it comes to coaching, there are several types of coaching available, including life coaching and business coaching. And they’re available in different flavours – individual or group coaching. (Group coaching is a lot more affordable, but in my experience, individual coaching delivers unparalleled value – if you’re working with the right coach, that is.)

What does a good coach do for you?

  • Provides you with clarity of thought

  • Help you set out a strategic roadmap for achieving your goals

  • Provides accountability – making sure you take action on your plans

  • Kick you in the rump when you need a stiff whack to get moving! (This isn’t very pleasant, but absolutely necessary!)

In short, a coach keeps you on track to achieve your goals – by setting action steps that you then see through to fruition.

Are you ready to join me for an inspired, action-driven 2017? I hope you are, because big things are coming at

Keep an eye on this site!

Oh and… happy holidays!!


[See? Promised this was going to be a short entry. For copywriting and SEO tips, or just to spy on my life, please bookmark my blog at]



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