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How to Turn a Silly Product into a "Must Buy"

Novelty products and items meant solely to entertain seem like they'd be tough to sell. You find yourself with a product that is hard to explain, or lacks any sort of real benefit.

It's easy to tell people why they'd benefit from a “how-to” book or carpet cleaning service, but it's near impossible to do the same with an entertainment or novelity product.

Despite the difficulties in conveying value, you can still make your product into something that people really want to buy.

These are a few tips and insights into the world of entertainment marketing.

Entertainment Can Often Outsell Essential Items

Some of the best selling books are fiction titles. And blockbuster action movies generally outperform documentary films. Plus, there are all kinds of other industries that don't really provide anything of substance (funny bumper stickers, for example) while still making a lot of money.

Entertainment is often more appealing than work, or at least something that looks like work. People hate going to the office to stare at a computer all day, but they love to go home and browse YouTube for hours on end. If you're selling an entertainment or novelty product, there's a good chance that people will want it - even if it doesn't do anything more than amuse them.

People Buy The Darnest Things

In the 1970's, there was a bestselling toy called the “Pet Rock”. This was literally a rock in a box. It sold hundreds of thousands of units, and made millions of dollars.

More recently, there have been all kinds of crazy and strange items that have done incredibly well. The website “I Can Has Cheezburger?” consisted of nothing but funny cat pictures. It was bought out for over two million dollars.

The thing you're selling doesn't always have to be beneficial in a traditional sense. Sometimes a product that makes people laugh, or that provides them with entertainment, can be incredibly lucrative. If you think what you're selling is silly, just remember that people have spent millions on rocks, pictures of cats, and other ridiculous items.

Focus On The Fun

Most people want to be entertained. They want to have a good time, relax, and enjoy life. Show them how your product can help them with this. A funny T-shirt might make them the life of the party. A quirky could get attention at the office. The list goes on and on.

When you're trying to sell fun, make it obvious. Show people that your product will help them have a good time. As long as you can demonstrate the entertainment value, customers will buy.

Closing Thoughts

When you're selling something that's meant to be fun, it's easy to get stressed and worry about how you can market the product. You accidentally compare your product to a utilitarian item (something that fixes a problem or is meant to provide information) and panic. But don't worry. Entertainment products are sold on fun!



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